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Heritage Hamilton Foundation has long recognized the Auchmar Estate, located at the corner of West Fifth and Fennel Avenue, as a prime heritage property of which Hamiltonians are justly proud.  The house and grounds, which encompass close to 10 acres, in addition to their undoubted historical importance, are outstanding examples of mid-nineteenth architecture and landscape, and fully deserve to be restored as a resource for Hamiltonians and all Canadians. A Parks Canada research paper done in the year 2000 noted, indeed, that “Auchmar is a suburban estate that represents the lives and careers of mid-19th century Canadian entrepreneurs, such as Isaac Buchanan. The house itself is a handsome example of a Gothic Revival villa, while the grounds and outbuildings retain much of their integrity and original features. Together, the house, outbuildings, grounds and associated history create a compelling picture of suburban estate life in mid-19th century Canada.”.

The Foundation has  set aside $25,000.00 in an Auchmar Challenge Fund.  Donations from the public up to a total of $25,000.00 will be matched dollar for dollar and will be directed toward the restoration of selective strategic components chosen by Heritage Hamilton.

Donations in any amount are welcome; income tax receipts will be issued for amounts of $20.00 and above.  Payment may be made on line or by cheque.  Cheques should be made out to Heritage Hamilton Foundation and mailed to:

Heritage Hamilton Foundation
P.0. Box 89016, Westdale Postal Outlet
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4R5

This is a hugely exciting opportunity for the community to be involved in restoring Auchmar.


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