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Robert Wetherell & Dundurn

Robert Wetherell and Dundurn:
An Architect in Early Hamilton,

Written by Stephen Otto
Published by Heritage Hamilton Foundation, 2004

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • ISBN 0-9698929-1-8
  • Author Stephen A. Otto, 2004
  • Published by Heritage Hamilton Foundation, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Design by Glenn McArthur (Island Communications, Toronto)
  • 47 pages
  • Soft Cover


Robert Wetherell and Dundurn
An architect in early Hamilton

Noted historian Stephen A. Otto presents an illuminating account of Hamilton’s first formally-trained architect to settle in Hamilton, Robert Charles Wetherell. Emigrating in 1833 from England, he arrived to find only a fledgling village of hardly 1,000 residents and less than two hundred buildings.

Yet, two years later, Wetherell had embarked on the commission of a lifetime: the design and construction of his architectural masterpiece, Dundurn Castle. Allan Napier MacNab’s 50-room mansion, built from 1835-1838, is not only one of Hamilton’s earliest building but also still its most famous: Dundurn also reigned as “the largest dwelling in the Province” for nearly 200 years.

This 47-page book with its well-chosen collection of portraits and views creates a highly informative and engaging account of life in Hamilton during the 1830s and 1840s, providing the perfect setting for the story of its star player, Dundurn Castle.


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